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  Mathieu Maret 1cd02f0fbc Merge branch 'bme680_bsec' into 'master' 11 months ago
  Mathieu Maret 0e3afa391b Add check on EEPROM size 11 months ago
  Mathieu Maret 976a9a8053 Add bme680 bsec 11 months ago
  Mathieu Maret fc6020e703 Add instruction to install Bosch Sensortec Environmental Cluster library 11 months ago
  Mathieu Maret cd117f342c more const 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret 5f5bd1b8ae display bme information on webpage + refacto 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret c476f38428 improve default configuration 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret 0c9e8b977b Bme fixes 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret 1b33362577 Update deps description 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret 9f14016abf Add bme680 sensor 1 year ago
  Mathieu Maret 817f777418 Fix Wifi connecting 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 9ac0f2edb8 Fix MqttBatchPublish 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret fea3b73f54 WebServer: improve Setup 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret ac6ab8969c Fix static IP EEPROM save 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 850391ccce Readmes update branch to use 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret caf88dcd98 Mqtt: use batch publish to generalize code 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret eab447abc6 Merge branch 'bssid_channel' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Mathieu Maret fc3fa2fc45 Can store BSSID and CHANNEL 3 years ago
  Mathieu 4121965de7 Add build status in desciption 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret a1e40b150f Remove the /otamode link in index 4 years ago
  Mathieu 7839671bf8 Merge branch 'web_ota' into 'master' 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 66e153e527 Add link to home page for http OTA 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret fa042404b2 Add the possibility to upload OTA by http 4 years ago
  Mathieu abbfec48c9 Update Readme.md to use mqtt fork 4 years ago
  Mathieu f31c5f3854 Merge branch 'mqtt_retain' into 'master' 4 years ago
  Mathieu b370a109f6 Use Adafruit_MQTT fork that support retains 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 1166ef1a79 MQTT publisher can set retain flag 4 years ago
  Mathieu b574bfbc55 Delete TODO.md. 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret d954883d19 Add bureau conf 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret d5a8232e43 Fix reconfiguration when wifi unreachable 4 years ago
  Mathieu e9a7cb8745 Run cppcheck with CI 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret f99fcba6d5 Update TODO 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 678eafe1a5 Correct few warning 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret f4541a6fd6 OTA does not need a reboot anymore 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 0396ccfb45 Web itf show GpioObserved status 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 3957d9645f mqtt deal with IRQ for GPIO 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 80252f9307 Refactor GPIO listened/controlled configuration 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret d20d756677 Do not display wifi psswd in serial 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 13c2d23330 All controlled gpio have a single config entry 5 years ago
  Mathieu 1a2d3a3eb6 Merge branch 'MQTT_refacto' into 'master' 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 207c104c07 Few little fix 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 3691745aec Put config into a struct 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 6f6c0f7525 Use template for MqttPublish functions 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 3d82e2a200 Use Reprog button as setup button on long press 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret d49e0a5fff Use MQTT only in normal mode 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret d6a2be13e1 Default value for CONFIG_DISABLE{WEB,OTA,MQTT} 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret e0f600baf0 Possibility to disable MQTT 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 87085fba3d Possibility to disable OTA 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret a14210e0d9 Possibility to disable Web interface 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 76c06690a2 Fix MQTT publishing when mqtt is not configured 5 years ago