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This is a bunch of project that aims to provide a reusable platform for different kind of project using ESP8266.

Start by looking at ESP8266 SDK integration in Arduino environment https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino


Provide GPIO control by HTTP request


Provide GPIO control by HTTP request.

To be able to configure the Wifi credentials without flashing the device, at first boot, the device will create a AP that will help to configure:

  • Wifi SSID to connect to
  • Wifi Passwd to use for SSID
  • A Mdns name to be accessible without IP address (e.g. under Linux : mydevice.local )

Settings can be reconfigured latter by web interface or by pulling down gpio 3

Device can also be put in OTA mode and will wait for OTA from the espota tool.


Provide previous WiFiAccessPointConfigurator features and can also get measure from several sensors:

  • BMP180
  • DHT11/22
  • Any Analog sensor

Those measure can be shared by MQTT(s). MQTT details (server, username, passwd, port) can be configured by a web page.

To interface with BMP180, the following library should be installed into Arduino environment: https://github.com/mmaret/BMP180_Breakout_Arduino_Library/archive/master.zip

To use mqtt, a fork of the Adafruit Mqtt library should be installed (gitlab@gitlab.mathux.org:Mathieu/adaAdafruit_MQTT_Libraryfruit_mqtt_library.git -b retain_support). This have been tested against a mosquitto server

Quick cmdline to install deps:

cd ~/Arduino/libraries/ git clone gitlab@gitlab.mathux.org:Mathieu/ESP8266_HIB.git git clone git@github.com:mmaret/BMP180_Breakout_Arduino_Library.git git clone gitlab@gitlab.mathux.org:Mathieu/adaAdafruit_MQTT_Libraryfruit_mqtt_library.git -b support_retain arduino --install-library "Adafruit BME680 Library" arduino --install-library "Adafruit Unified Sensor" arduino --install-library "DHT sensor library" arduino --install-library "BSEC Software Library" # Then you have to follow the instruction in the README.md in the BSEC install folder