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  Mathieu Maret 94fdbf6d66 keep env avec using sudo 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret e7b9c77d4a Update documentation 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret c2370f2ce8 [kk] build is 64bits 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 966f5dfe3d Add dep to build mesa 4 years ago
  Mathieu Maret bafd85a5aa Add docker for nougat 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 6723b54c4b Set shell to bash 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret c0c141797e Add Dockerfile for kitkat 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 7b2de396f8 Add genisoimage and libswitch-perl 5 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 3067dc2cc3 [sdocker] Check nb of args 6 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 5e9139f820 Add sdocker command 6 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 2a91d8c636 Disable CCACHE 6 years ago
  Mathieu Maret ed22ff7582 Relogin to set some env var 6 years ago
  Mathieu Maret 76c79ee5ae Add user to sudo group 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna f2cb2e7428 tests: Update script to call bash for lollipop 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna bf49b4a69c Merge branch '4.4-kitkat' into 5.0-lollipop 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna 17bc9d864f tests: Update bash script to call bash 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna a4a775650c test: lollipop: Add initial script 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna 08e85058e1 lollipop: Update to use OpenJDK 7 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna 60f35c2793 kitkat: Pull kitkat Docker tag 6 years ago
  Kyle Manna 5aa929c97a Dockerfile: Point /bin/sh to bash instead of dash 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna de575b73d6 Dockerfile: Add the bc package 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna de4be1ce45 tests: Add kitkat sync test 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 7bfc33c44e tests: Manifest overrides for build-kitkat 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna a549be5b6a Dockerfile: Squash VOLUME statements 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 192cba106d Dockerfile: Add default SSH config 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna bdc92d0d06 Dockerfile: Fix CCACHE_DIR env variable 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 5116546c02 README: Help the OS X and Windows lusers 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna b1cba0780b README: Add quickstart guide 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna abcc93fb6b README: First stab at a useful README 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 44a375fd27 tests: Update build-kitkat with invocation example 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 723adaac52 tests: Only fetch $cpu repos in parallel 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna f6670dac8c Merge pull request #2 from bydavy/FixedReadlink 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna afa63561fd Merge pull request #4 from bydavy/fixedGitConfig 7 years ago
  Davy Leggieri 8a6dee7c84 Fixed .gitconfig owner 7 years ago
  Davy Leggieri 93703de2aa Fixed readlink for OS X 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 683126f05c utils: build-kitkat smarter aosp invocation 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 4be024356f aosp: Fix volume directory existence test 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 55125c6fd2 aosp: Don't run sudo unless necessary 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 8197ce17cf tests: Add kitkat build 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 55e5d196d2 Dockerfile: Use Oracle Java instead of OpenJDK 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 9d55dd4c0f utils: aosp: Add additional args to append 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 3de604fbc3 utils: Add AOSP wrapper 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna afa8810c40 gitconfig: Add default gitconfig to ease repo init 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna 75cef9ca0f Dockerfile: Initial commit 7 years ago
  Kyle Manna c92b59a83f Initial commit 7 years ago