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README: Add quickstart guide

* Quick illustration for the impatient.
Kyle Manna 7 years ago
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Android Open Source Project Docker Build Environment
The goal of this Docker image is to maintain a minimal build environment for
Minimal build environment for AOSP with handy automation wrapper scripts.
Developers can use the Docker image to build directly while running the
distribution of choice, without having to worry about breaking the AOSP build
@ -15,6 +14,32 @@ by empowering developers and production builds to use the exact same
environment. The hope is that breakages will be caught earlier by the devs.
For the terribly impatient.
1. Make a directory to work and go there.
2. Export the current directory as the persistent file store for the `aosp`
3. Run a self contained build script, which does:
1. Attempts to fetch the `aosp` wrapper if not found locally.
2. Runs the `aosp` wrapper with an extra argument for the docker binary and
hints to the same script that when run later it's running in the docker
3. The aosp wrapper then does it's magic which consists of fetching the
docker image if not found and forms all the necessary docker run
arguments seamlessly.
4. The docker container runs the other half the build script which
initializes the repo, fetches all source code, and builds.
5. In parallel you are expected to be drinking because I save you some time.
mkdir kitkat ; cd kitkat
export AOSP_VOL=$PWD
curl -O
bash ./
How it Works