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#pragma once
#include "stdint.h"
#include "types.h"
* Physical Page management
#define PAGE_SHIFT 12U
#define PAGE_SIZE (1U << PAGE_SHIFT)
#define PAGE_MASK (PAGE_SIZE - 1)
// Defined in linker.ld script
extern char __ld_kernel_begin;
extern char __ld_kernel_end;
struct phyMemDesc {
paddr_t phy_addr;
unsigned long ref;
struct phyMemDesc *next, *prev;
* Initi Physical Page management subsystem
int memSetup(paddr_t upperMem, paddr_t * firstUsed, paddr_t *lastUsed);
* Declare a physical region to be managed by the physica page subsystem
int memAddBank(paddr_t bottomMem, paddr_t topMem, int isFree);
* Request @params nbPage free physical pages
paddr_t allocPhyPage(uint nbPage);
* Decrement the nb of user of a given physical page
int unrefPhyPage(paddr_t addr);
* Increment the nb of user of a given physical page
int refPhyPage(paddr_t addr);
* Return the number of physical allocated pages
unsigned long getNbAllocatedPage(void);
void memGetStat(uint *free, uint *used);