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#pragma once
#include "paging.h"
#include "stdarg.h"
#include "stdint.h"
/* Pure Virtual Memory Allocation */
// areaAlloc map vmem to phy pages
#define AREA_PHY_MAP (1<<0)
* Initialize the Area subsystem
void areaInit(vaddr_t firstMemUsed, vaddr_t lastUsed, vaddr_t stack_bottom, vaddr_t stack_top);
* Request a virtual memory area of @param nbPages
vaddr_t areaAlloc(unsigned int nbPages, uint32_t flags);
* Free a virtual area
int areaFree(vaddr_t addr);
* Remove an area from the "free" ones but do not add it into used ones.
* This area should be latter added with areaAdd.
* Used by malloc to avoid recursivity issue
vaddr_t areaBook(unsigned int nbPages, uint32_t flags);
* Declare a virtual region to be managed by the subsytem
int areaAdd(vaddr_t begin, vaddr_t end, int isFree);