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My Dot Files

This repo contains a set of tools and configuration files used for development. Especially for Android Rom development

gdb init came from :

Install tool

You can simply do

#install dot files
#install package as well (archlinux only)
pacman -Sy make sudo
gpasswd -a USER wheel
edit /etc/sudoers
make arch_all


Vim plugins are managed by vundle. So at first lunch you have to run in vim



  • conky
  • cscope
  • ctags
  • gmrun
  • gnome-screensaver
  • gnome-terminal
  • gvim
  • numlockx
  • openssh
  • polkit-gnome
  • sudo
  • tint2
  • tmux
  • xbacklight
  • xfce4-notifyd
  • zsh

More tools

  • android-apktool
  • android-bash-completion
  • android-udev
  • archlinux-themes-slim
  • aspell-fr
  • autopep8
  • bear
  • cppcheck
  • cups
  • dialog
  • elinks
  • eog
  • firefox
  • flake8
  • flashplugin
  • fzf
  • bat
  • fd
  • gcc-multilib
  • gedit
  • gnome-calculator
  • gnome-terminal
  • hunspell-en
  • hunspell-fr
  • hyphen-en
  • hyphen-fr
  • libreoffice-fresh
  • libreoffice-fresh-fr
  • mutt
  • networkmanager-iwd-overlay # To use iwd instead of wpa_supplicant (archlinux specific)
  • notification-daemon
  • obconf
  • odt2txt
  • python2-virtualenv
  • seahorse
  • shellcheck
  • strace
  • udevil
  • unrar
  • unzip
  • xchat

dev tools