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color attachment brightmagenta black
color error brightwhite red # errors yell at you in red
color hdrdefault red black # headers
color indicator brightyellow magenta # currently selected message
color markers brightcyan black # the + for wrapped pager lines
color message brightcyan black # informational messages, not mail
color normal white black # plain text
color quoted green black # quoted text
color search brightgreen black # hilite search patterns in the pager
color signature red black # signature (after "-- ") is red
color status brightyellow blue # status bar is yellow *on blue*
color tilde blue black # ~'s after message body
color tree red black # thread tree in index menu is magenta
color signature brightred black
color underline yellow black
color header cyan black ^(From|Subject): # Important headers
color body magenta black "(ftp|http)://[^ ]+" # picks up URLs
color body magenta black [-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+
# Coloring quoted text - coloring the first 7 levels:
color quoted cyan black
color quoted1 yellow black
color quoted2 red black
color quoted3 green black
color quoted4 cyan black
color quoted5 yellow black
color quoted6 red black
color quoted7 green black
# Colorize smileys: :-) ;-) :-/ :-(
color body yellow black "[;:]-[)/(|]"
color body yellow black "[;:][)/(|]"
color body green black "[[:alpha:]]\+://[^ ]*"
color index brightyellow black ~N # New
color index yellow black ~O # Old
color index magenta black ~F
color index blue black ~T
color index red black ~D