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IGNORE_DOT_FILES=. .. .git .gitmodules .gitignore
DOT_FILES=$(filter-out $(IGNORE_DOT_FILES), $(wildcard .*))
DOT_INSTALLED=$(foreach dot, $(DOT_FILES), $(HOME)/$(dot))
ROOT_DIR:=$(shell dirname $(realpath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
PKG_ARCH_BASE=aspell-en aspell-fr conky cscope ctags dunst eog firefox noto-fonts-emoji fzf git gmrun gnome-terminal genius gvim hunspell-fr hyphen-en hyphen-fr lightdm numlockx openssh polkit-gnome python3 sudo tint2 tmux unrar unzip udevil zsh
PKG_ARCH_DEV=autopep8 bear cppcheck clang flake8 gcc hstr shellcheck strace
ifeq ($(USER), root)
$(info Should not be run as root)
$(info Put youself in wheel group and add \"%wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL\" to /etc/sudoers)
$(error Should not be run as root)
all: conf
git submodule update --init
%_all: conf %_install_base %_install_dev udevil_install
vim -c :PluginInstall -c :xa
$(HOME)/%: $(ROOT_DIR)/%
$(MSG)echo "installing $@"
$(MSG)ln -s $< $@
sudo pacman -Sy --needed git base-devel
git clone
cd yay && makepkg -s -i
cd ..
rm -rf yay
arch_install_base: /usr/bin/yay
$(info going to install $(PKG_ARCH_BASE))
yay -Sy --needed $(PKG_ARCH_BASE)
arch_install_dev: /usr/bin/yay
$(info going to install $(PKG_ARCH_DEV))
yay -Sy --needed $(PKG_ARCH_DEV)
udevil_install: arch_install_base
ifneq (,$(wildcard /etc/systemd/system/$(USER).service))
$(MSG)echo "udevil already installed"
sudo systemctl enable devmon@$(USER)
sudo systemctl start devmon@$(USER)