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  2. ======================================
  3. Ignored Files:
  4. --------------
  5. The following files were *not* copied into the new Gradle project; you
  6. should evaluate whether these are still needed in your project and if
  7. so manually move them:
  8. * ic_launcher-web.png
  9. * proguard-project.txt
  10. Replaced Jars with Dependencies:
  11. --------------------------------
  12. The importer recognized the following .jar files as third party
  13. libraries and replaced them with Gradle dependencies instead. This has
  14. the advantage that more explicit version information is known, and the
  15. libraries can be updated automatically. However, it is possible that
  16. the .jar file in your project was of an older version than the
  17. dependency we picked, which could render the project not compileable.
  18. You can disable the jar replacement in the import wizard and try again:
  19. android-support-v4.jar =>
  20. Moved Files:
  21. ------------
  22. Android Gradle projects use a different directory structure than ADT
  23. Eclipse projects. Here's how the projects were restructured:
  24. * AndroidManifest.xml => app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
  25. * assets/ => app/src/main/assets
  26. * res/ => app/src/main/res/
  27. * src/ => app/src/main/java/
  28. Next Steps:
  29. -----------
  30. You can now build the project. The Gradle project needs network
  31. connectivity to download dependencies.
  32. Bugs:
  33. -----
  34. If for some reason your project does not build, and you determine that
  35. it is due to a bug or limitation of the Eclipse to Gradle importer,
  36. please file a bug at with category
  37. Component-Tools.
  38. (This import summary is for your information only, and can be deleted
  39. after import once you are satisfied with the results.)