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@file MQ135.h
@author G.Krocker (Mad Frog Labs)
@license GNU GPLv3
First version of an Arduino Library for the MQ135 gas sensor
TODO: Review the correction factor calculation. This currently relies on
the datasheet but the information there seems to be wrong.
@section HISTORY
v1.0 - First release
#ifndef MQ135_H
#define MQ135_H
#if ARDUINO >= 100
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "WProgram.h"
/// The load resistance on the board
#define RLOAD 10.0
/// Calibration resistance at atmospheric CO2 level
#define RZERO 76.63
/// Parameters for calculating ppm of CO2 from sensor resistance
#define PARA 116.6020682
#define PARB 2.769034857
/// Parameters to model temperature and humidity dependence
#define CORA 0.00035
#define CORB 0.02718
#define CORC 1.39538
#define CORD 0.0018
/// Atmospheric CO2 level for calibration purposes
#define ATMOCO2 397.13
class MQ135 {
uint8_t _pin;
MQ135(uint8_t pin);
float getCorrectionFactor(float t, float h);
float getResistance();
float getCorrectedResistance(float t, float h);
float getPPM();
float getCorrectedPPM(float t, float h);
float getRZero();
float getCorrectedRZero(float t, float h);