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Adafruit MQTT Library Build Status

Arduino library for MQTT support, including access to Adafruit IO. Works with the Adafruit CC3000, FONA, Arduino Yun, ESP8266 Arduino platforms, and anything that supports Arduino's Client interface (like Ethernet shield).

See included examples for how to use the library to access an MQTT service to publish and subscribe to feeds. Note that this does not support the full MQTT spec but is intended to support enough for QoS 0 and 1 publishing.

Depends on the following other libraries depending on the target platform:

Future todos:

  • Subscription callbacks

  • remove watchdog


MCU Tested Works Doesn't Work Not Tested Notes
Atmega328 @ 16MHz X
Atmega328 @ 12MHz X
Atmega32u4 @ 16MHz X
Atmega32u4 @ 8MHz X
ESP8266 X
Atmega2560 @ 16MHz X
ATtiny85 @ 16MHz X
ATtiny85 @ 8MHz X
Intel Curie @ 32MHz X
  • ATmega328 @ 16MHz : Arduino UNO, Adafruit Pro Trinket 5V, Adafruit Metro 328, Adafruit Metro Mini
  • ATmega328 @ 12MHz : Adafruit Pro Trinket 3V
  • ATmega32u4 @ 16MHz : Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Micro, Arduino Yun, Teensy 2.0
  • ATmega32u4 @ 8MHz : Adafruit Flora, Bluefruit Micro
  • ESP8266 : Adafruit Huzzah
  • ATmega2560 @ 16MHz : Arduino Mega
  • ATSAM3X8E : Arduino Due
  • ATSAM21D : Arduino Zero, M0 Pro
  • ATtiny85 @ 16MHz : Adafruit Trinket 5V
  • ATtiny85 @ 8MHz : Adafruit Gemma, Arduino Gemma, Adafruit Trinket 3V